Battery Equaliser is the biggest improvement in Battery Chemistry in the last 75 years.


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Battery Equaliser is the biggest improvement in Battery Chemistry in the last 75 years. Battery Equaliser is proven, water-based, and patented.

  • A small amount of Battery Equaliser added to each cell of a lead-acid battery will mix with the existing electrolyte solution.
  • The improved battery chemistry will dissolve existing sulphation and prevent new deposits forming for years. It also clears separators, reduces plate poisoning, and automatically equalises cells every time electrons flow in running or charging mode.
  • Treated batteries will charge faster, hold a charge longer, reduce terminal corrosion, withstand greater vibration, less toxic gassing, and require less watering.
  • Revitalise aging batteries and gain up to 200% + battery life with Battery Equaliser.



Battery Equaliser is a liquid additive designed to extend the life and enhance the power of lead-acid batteries. Battery Equaliser distributes an alloy throughout the working parts of the battery, utilising a chemical reaction to clean and place into solution any sediment which forms inside the lead-acid battery during normal use.


PROBLEM: Internal resistance and sulfation Sulfation starts coating the lead plates as soon as an electrolyte is added to a new battery, causing internal resistance. Batteries lose overall performance, separators become clogged, positive plates can become poisoned leading to batteries requiring more watering and charging time. Sulfation will eventually choke out the electrical activity, reduce battery life, and eventually cause battery failure.

SOLUTION: Reduce resistance and sulfation Add a small amount of Battery Equaliser to prevent new deposits from forming:

RESULTS: Longer Run Time / Faster recharge. Cleans separators reduce plate poisoning Equalises the voltages in each cell. Helps reduce gassing meaning less water loss and top-ups providing sulfation has not gone too far and caused a mechanical fault, battery life can be more than doubled by using Battery Equaliser.

Battery Equaliser will increase CCA and energy savings. Trucks, Tractors, ATV, Motorcycles, Fork Lifts, Golf carts, emergency generators/pumps, solar, wind, storage batteries.

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